About Us

I have always been involved in design right from making outrageous clothes as a teenager and then studying Interior design and working as a hotel interior designer. After many enjoyable years I decided I wanted to become a designer maker - to create from yarn to finished product.

Baker Welch Studio was born and at first I made presents for my friends and family, I became hooked, literally!  My Mother, Stella Welch helped out with handknitting and advice, I bought a knitting machine and we haven't looked back.

I produce all our products in my Greenwich studio and my mum still helps out with the handfinishing. I really appreciate the qualities of lambswool, so light and yet so warm - bio degradable & hypo allergenic.  I never tire of the miraculous transformation when each item is washed and the felting process turns each piece of knitting into a gorgeous piece of knitwear - pure alchemy!